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Pink but can pack a punch
I ain't censoring it cause she's covered and there's nothing to freak out about, I imagine amy as a tomboy brawler who could do more damage with her fists and rogue would be her confidence couch whom has an intimate relationship with her.
The Dumber they're
I think it's been freaking 1 or 2 years since I've draw this little shitpot.
they still are the same though I toned down a bit with the colors and I made their inner ears pure black cause I didn't wanna screw around with the monochromatic shades.
for new watchers or people passing by, this is Evil a sort of alien like rabbit.
are they a girl? no, are they a boy? no, they're a hermaphrodite who often inverts their own genitals back inside like a horse or something without leaving a trace. They're very old and very Very dumb...
they were originally gonna be a sona and female but fuck that, looking back at that for me was really stupid. Primarily the design was a mix of the usual stereotypical fan characters mainly of the sonic franchise, as in overly powered, extremely terrible character design, cringy back story, and almost 99% female.
now and days it's just garbage and confusion for me, I don't know why but that just happens.
I'm making a reference sheet for the character in the 2 recently submitted pictures.
without their note to cover
( red and shades of gray do not mix especially with the pen ink tool )
they be running their mouths


minor note: painter tails are a species still in a work of progress, mutations and evolutions will be added within the further months.
I apologized if this journal may seem a bit late.

the first painter tail adoption was made in 2014, back when they started mainly on traditional non-lined paper.
as the adoptions succeeded more changes were made such as poses, design, and mainly anatomy and by 2015 the production of painter tails had deducted and went cold for 2 years until revival upon the restart number and in a different style aside from traditional media.
up to date there was the next generation were once again anatomy had gotten better, generation 2 is still in beta and the production will still be slow but in general the quality of the painter tails may vary within either detail or form, With addition of possibly 3-5 generations and a few more mutations such as tails sizes, paint stickiness, hair styles, and more.
we hope you enjoy painter tails further - E.V


1. first come first serve

2. painter tails do not cost any points, they're free to take

3. the painter tails are unisex, meaning you can give them a gender once you have obtained them

4. if more than 1 person has asked if they can adopt the painter tail there will be a mini game, whoever wins the mini game or got the most points receives the painter tail

5. no cloning is allowed unless its through breeding where the DNA of 1 parent will be passed down to the child

6. wait at least a day before adopting another painter tail, the previous number of adopts has reset due to the transfer of the new generation

if you have either 1 painter tail or 2 you can breed them to create a 3rd painter tail or a hybrid depending on if you plan on breeding it with another species.
painter tails produce eggs that are mostly the shape of the tail itself and may be covered in a light coat of paint with either a color, pattern, or both, and in often rare cases may have an object attached to them.
breeding is the usual nothing special but it takes at least 5 or 7 months for the parent to produce an egg, if the egg somewhat smells vulgar or appears rotted, than you have successfully created a zombie egg.
there are mainly 2 types of eggs at the moment which are the normal eggs and the zombie eggs, zombie eggs take at least the same amount of 5 to 7 months to produce and the obtained ratio is 1/56 chances.

painter tails are mainly any type of creature weather its human or not with the exception of them having a somewhat bunny like tail that is usually the size of a head sized pillow with a coat of paint on it.
painter tails do not act like wild animals of the sort, they mainly act like normal people but depending on their personality, their tail sizes can vary as well as their paint coat from light to heavy coats and mainly depending on the coat of paint will depend on its stick.
the paint of a painter tail sticks and stains fairly easily and their tail can range to about the size of dresser drawer.

( more will be added and about 75% complete )


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United States
A terrible mistake that shouldn't have been made in the first place, I have so many problems yet I do not know why people hate me in an instant, welcome to the trash pit.
Personality: :iconevilgrinplz::iconscaredplz::iconthatsgreatplz::iconblankplz::iconwtfusayplz::iconangryplz::iconaloneplz::iconlll-plz::iconfearmeplz::iconcryingplz:
I have a lot of trust issues including an instant judgement at times, be warned I can be terribly honest with people. than again I'm not really a noticeable type, I just keep walking to my destination and avoid contact with others cause I really don't like a lot of people and I have trouble talking without sputtering.
Lovely Friends: :iconmystehash::iconcookiemilkshake:
My most frequent apperences are on some games on roblox, username RottenEggums.
I don't accept random friend requests and I check on the catalog for new items free or up on wishlist
species: Disturbed mutated Baphomet
Gender: Genderless Asexual
I have some mental problems and I have learned to evolve from what I was in 2013, I also mainly wanna make a few changes to myself in the near future, and I don't mean mentally, I can control that a little bit.
The Gallery Stamp by BusirisArtist's comments stamp by Shutsumon

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my babs ---> Medicine seller ( mononoke ) Mephiles the dark ( sonic 06 ) L ( death note ) Ryuu, Io, and akuya ( CHEDCL )


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so im opening up a donation pool for membership so i can add the vistors thing and polls, oh and sorry if its till hell freezes over, i really want to see vistors here everyday insted of feelings lonely :iconaloneplz:

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