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mostly active here, ill post some garbage here and there and some nasty stuff but that's about it.
Inactivity = school + relaxation + personal issues.
Angel aura by evil-vivianne
Angel aura
another gem from he gemsona generator,
only this time the gam was over cooked, Angel auras I think are supposed to be fairly tall and a bit Petite, this one is more fairly chubby and a bit short, 
last thing im gonna post for this entire weekend or at least I think, I know I still have a lot of freaking traditional works to finish but in general honesty I'm not looking forward to that route again,
Because my school doesn't really have air conditioning but shockingly yet it can afford events but not upgrades for the school itself and the fact that I have to literally power walk up the school road to get to my bus home makes me even more tired out.
how lovely isn't it...
SS remake by evil-vivianne
SS remake
A minor remake of the 2 traditional pictures of the comic I was possibly going to make but instead no, if I was gonna rough make the comic it would just be in black and white, 
the characters has not changed, well for the least pony man hasn't
he does have a thing for virgins and the girl just so happened to be a virgin he thought it would be too easy to get her to commit suicide if he shapeshifted into a human and molested her.
speaking of which the girl's name is sapphire, she's a very quiet and nerves girl who is around her freshmen year of high school, for the most part her background is that she was adopted and transferred from home to home, her original parents and home are unknown and the files have been either lost or decayed, she has depression and isn't so sure weather or not to end her life, in her current home she has a brother and a father that pretty much work 24/7 in different jobs, her father works in the field and her brother works at a gas station, she mostly helps a little bit with house work on the weekends.
original picture:
also I know I just realized her original name was sandy but I changed my mind because I thought she didn't have a name, Gonzalus often tourtures petal and convinces sapphire that the eye is a minion of Satan sent to taint her mind, his specialty and is to get children ages ranging 5-10 to commit suicide, he did manage to get an inphant to kill itself.
the tasks in hell are referred to as missions and Gonzalus decided to go for the big kids by cinvicing Satan to allow him to get a teenager to commit suicide, there may be a picture I might do called pill pusher by I don't know.
petal tries her best to rid of Gonzalus or to at least get sapphire to realize she's listening to a demon, unfortunately petal is an eyeball incapable of speech and if she tries she'll mostly have her eye replaced with a mouth and in a painful way.
NOTE: if you see certain deviations getting updated, than that's just me correcting the description cause I'm not so careful with watching what I type.


cross dressing is not a fetish or a mental illness in my opinion,
I think its bullshit that doctors say its a fetish and a mental illness when they don't think at all that maybe some people are comfortable with dressing cross dressing or wearing men or women's clothing.
a fetish is something people get sexually aroused on or get a kick out of it, cross dressers might be a few people's fetish but in general its not.
sorry if this seems to be a rant but it just annoys me that people will say that there's only 2 genders and that the rest of the other genders are a mental illness, aspersers is a mental illness, bipolar is a mental illness.
cross dressing is not a mental illness, I believe its a sense of fashion and ones own freedom to cross dress. official documents of cross dressing and other genders as illnesses is a complete waste of medical research.
A. people are homophobic
B. they can't stand people with differences ( still )
C. they're complete assholes and have to have official possibly false notes on it
D. they're trying to make people like them.
this journal might get deleted but I don't know, this is mainly one of the reasons I hate doctors or better yet mental doctors, if ya can't understand one's feelings or the way someone wants to live their life than maybe you're not fit to be a mental doctor or fit to understand what a person wants to be.
judge them all you want but you won't make them change, this kind of effects me as well since one time I had to see a mental doctor about probably me feeling suicidal when clearly I don't have the guts to commit an act like that which I kind of still have thoughts on since I'm easily annoyed or stressed out, and I was really stubborn on the doctor and she used one of the cards to say she felt confused about what I was saying.
that's one of the reasons I hate mental doctors. Everyone has a mental illness, some can be treated depending on what it is and some cannot, a person's identification is not a mental illness and neither is sexuality.
sorry for this journal.

- Asexuality


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United States
A terrible mistake that shouldn't have been made in the first place, I have so many problems yet I do not know why people hate me in an instant, welcome to the trash pit.
Personality: :iconevilgrinplz::iconscaredplz::iconthatsgreatplz::iconblankplz::iconwtfusayplz::iconangryplz::iconaloneplz::iconlll-plz::iconfearmeplz::iconcryingplz:
I have a lot of trust issues including an instant judgement at times, be warned I can be terribly honest with people. than again I'm not really a noticeable type, I just keep walking to my destination and avoid contact with others cause I really don't like a lot of people and I have trouble talking without sputtering.
Lovely Friends: :iconmystehash::iconcookiemilkshake:
My most frequent apperences are on some games on roblox, username RottenEggums.
I don't accept random friend requests and I check on the catalog for new items free or up on wishlist
species: Disturbed mutated Baphomet
Gender: Genderless Asexual
I have some mental problems and I have learned to evolve from what I was in 2013, I also mainly wanna make a few changes to myself in the near future, and I don't mean mentally, I can control that a little bit.
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my babs ---> Medicine seller ( mononoke ) Mephiles the dark ( sonic 06 ) L ( death note ) Ryuu, Io, and akuya ( CHEDCL )

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